MARC INBANE is a Dutch luxury goods company specializing in the design and retail of cosmetic products. Distribution is to both domestic and international markets at higher-end distribution channels serving the salon beauty industry.


After missing their plane from Amsterdam Schiphol airport, Ingo, Bart and Nele spent the time waiting for the next flight, watching passers-by. They quickly noticed the appearance and posture of the departing and returning passengers. Returning passengers looked radiant, tanned and healthy, which had a positive effect on their posture.
Our busy, hectic lives and the limited hours of sun in our own country makes it difficult to retain this holiday glow healthily. And if the sun should shine, you have to contend with harmful UV rays.

With the hectic lifestyle, limited hours of sun and harmful UV on one side and the radiant returning passengers on the other, the idea of the natural tanning spray was born: A healthy and safe way to have a natural holiday tan the whole year round.

INgo, BArt and NEle mixed up their names and soon MARC INBANE was born!

Date of birth: 21 April 2012